As we travel around the world Soon Jeong is interested to know what people eat just as daily food.  Not the special holiday foods,  but just the average Tuesday night dinner. Her aim is to collect recipes from around the world that are made with simple foods that can be found in every country. 

Going one step further, Soon Jeong wants to learn how to make these foods straight from momma’s hands.  In each country we visit we are looking for people who are willing to take us into their home and give us a cooking lesson.   While Soon Jeong is getting first-hand instructions I will be video taping.

The completed project will produce a cookbook that has recipes from every country we visit and the story behind them.   In addition the cookbook will include a DVD showing how to make delicious foods from around the world.  

If you have a great yet simple dish from your country that you would like to teach Soon Jeong.  Please let us know. When we come to your hometown, we hope to meet, cook and enjoy together. 



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