Travel Equipment: Our Top Ten


Here’s the equipment that we took on our trip and found very valuable.

1. Sanyo Travel cooker,  Dual voltage Model Rn 38nf.   THis was by far the most used piece of equipment we took. It is very compact. Not too heavy but not light either.  It comes with its own aluminum cooking pot and a plastic bowl.  We used it for everything. Cooked soup, coffee, tea, scrambled eggs, rice, Ramen and hard boiled eggs. and of course my morning breakfast; oatmeal. I also used it to dry things and in a pinch, iron a shirt or pants.   The dual voltage  100-120V / 220-240V  speaks for its own advantages when traveling the world. We even used it on a couple of overnight trains.  When I travel, this item is always with me.

2. A light weight sleeping bag: We bought two bags that weighed in right around 2 lb each. They were good to about 10F which we found to be just perfect for cold rooms we slept in.  Cuzco Peru was cold and the bags were toasty warm.  They also saved us when we ended up waiting on a train platform in India for over 7hrs. one night. It was freezing cold and we just wrapped up in the bags.  We bought them at REI

3. A silk sleeping bag liner.  This was used for added warmth inside the bag. On dirty trains we put the sleeping bag inside the silk liner to keep it clean. and most often we used them between the sheets in questionable hotels and hostels. They washed easily and dried very quickly.  Again.. bought them at REI

4. A small notebook computer.  It made it possible to make travel arrangements with couchsurfing and with hotel and flight reservations. Also, for downloading photos  and keeping in touch with people via skype. Some headphones with microphone for computer.  Made talking on skype much better and less annoying to others.

5. Mono pod for the Camera   (AKA “the stick” as we called them)  very useful for photography and often became the clothes line in the hotel room. (lay it between the desk and back of a chair, throw your wet laundry over it. )  I carried it in hand whenever we went exploring around a city.  It also could appear as a “stick” for would-be attackers. Also used it to lean on to rest a few times.  And there were 1,000 other ways I used it.     Suggest Manfrotto carbon fiber 4 sections   model 694CX

6. Smart Wool Brand Base layer clothes; turtle neck undershirt and long underwear pants.  VERY useful in cold and cool areas and easy to wash and dry.

7. Survival type can opener. The tiny turn-key type that looks like a claw.  Google “Camping can opener” or try coghlan’s can opener and you’ll see what I mean.

Other utensils were… of course pocket knife, and we got a small 8″ X 6″ plastic cutting board. We DID use it a lot.  30 feet of nylon rope.  Clothes line, tie up a backpack that was falling apart etc etc.  Hard plastic or wooden spoon.

8. A head lamp flashlight. A good one that fits on your head and has a beam that can be tilted down.

9. Waterproof backpack covers.  These were very useful to keep our bags clean. Some of the bus compartments were just caked with soot and oil.   I also had 1″ wide nylon straps with plastic clips that I could put around the outside of the bags and covers.  This gave us and bag handlers something to grab onto to pick up the bag. Otherwise they’d be pulling and tearing the bag covers off.

10. At this point I’m getting into just personal types of travel comfort.  I had about 4 plastic Lock-N-Lock containers to pack photo, video stuff in for protection. Other containers were used to pack shampoos and instant coffee or oatmeal stuff.  I had a 3 plug outlet surg protector I used it so I could use the computer and be charging camera batteries at the same time.   Soon Jeong bought two blow-up balloon shirt hangers that we were using all the time.  very small when deflated and just blow them up and you can hang a wet shirt or pants on them.


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