City bus tour



Like many major cities around the world, Lima has a City Bus Tour. Tourist ride around the city on a double decker bus that has an open-air top deck.

My best recommendation is, ( if you are sitting on the top deck) withing 5 minutes of your departure….DUCK! There is one electrical power line that hangs low enough that it hits the top front window of the bus. The power line slides up and over the top of the window and drops back to a level that necessitates, anyone taller than 6 feet ….to DUCK down. It is a serious safety issue.

My next recommendation is …Lean IN.. Otherwise the side of your head will be scraped by low hanging tree branches. (This applies to both sides of the bus)

The tour is offered in English but you must directly ask to be placed on the ENGLISH bus. It seems that there are usually 2 or 3 busses and one of them will have an English speaking guide. Others have only Spanish speaking guides. However, you must ASK to be placed on the English bus. Just walking up to the ticket booth and saying, in English, I’m sorry but I do not speak Spanish. My name is John Smith. My wife and I would like tickets for the Saturday night bus tour. is not enough of a hint to the person selling tickets, for them to figure out that you probably want the tour in English. An additional clue is that Miraflores is the heart of the tourist area, and a large number of the customers are English speaking tourists. Yet all this is not enough to get you on the English bus…you have to ask for it. . (We know this because AFTER our Spanish guided tour, we did ASK about a tour in English.)

My last recommendation is to bring a handkerchief, bandanna or something to cover you mouth and nose. Being close to the ocean, the air in Miraflores is pretty good. Once you begin to approach the downtown Lima area the air from the mass of cars (most of them recycled Japanese vans and buses) create a burning chocking air.

Okay, now the good part. Heed my recommendations and the rest of the tour is pretty good. You will see the major architectural sight of lima. You will cruise around Plaza de Armas after dark with the lights illuminating the Cathedral, the Archbishops Palace and the Governors Palace.


Then you stop for a coffee break at the famous Gran Hotel Bolivar home of the Pico Sour (Cocktail) Inside the hotel they serve (free of charge) some coffee, soft drinks and a couple of cookies.


The best part of the tour is the stop at the Magical Water Circuit. This is a park that has more than a dozen beautiful fountains. Each one is very different from the other, evoking new WOWs and Ohooo’s and Ahhh’s. At night lights and colors make it a fantastic sight. There is even a water tunnel that you can walk through. And one very long fountain includes a lazer show on the wall of water. Other fountains  dance and wiggle to the rhythm of music. Its great. The guide will walk you though the water park. Fortunately, you DO have enough time to enjoy it. They take about an hour. Its good.


The tour left Miraflores at 6:00 pm and lasted 3.5 hrs. We paid 50 Soles (about $15) A pretty good value and an especially convenient thing to do at the end of a day, when you are tired and would like to do something that does not require a lot of physical energy.


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