Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls was in our path between Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo in Brazil. More to the point it was between TWO 14 hour-plus bus rides.  A stop was in order.


The bus from Buenos Aires dropped us into Puerto Iguazu, a small town just inside Argentina on the boarder between Argentina and Brazil. The town thrives on the tourist coming to see the falls. By no surprise, the usual conditions of such towns exited; high prices, low value, cheap and poor quality food and an attitude towards the tourists of, you are a disposable source of income.

When we arrived it was late afternoon and we spent time walking around trying to find a reasonable place to stay.  Soon Jeong is the expert on hotel matters, thus, she walked across the street from the bus station to a hotel.  She looked at a room and then asked the person at the front desk to hold the room for a few minutes.  She then walked 3 minutes to another hotel and checked a room there. No good.  She returned to the first hotel and the woman at the desk had already rented the room. That was the last available room there.  Soon Jeong was pissed…very!

Needless to say, Soon Jeong was no longer in a conducive mood for finding and negotiating a room.  I took over and began walking farther away from the bus station. 

When we were in Chile, we were warned that the Argentinians have an arrogant attitude.  Here in the little tourist town that attitude was very obvious.  I found one place that had Wifi and airconditioning at a price that was acceptable.  The woman at the front desk was just slightly aloof. She answered my questions and requests in a civil manner but she really didn’t care if I rented the room or not.  Her husband on the other hand, was just an ass.  A bit later after we checked in, in a rather nasty tone, he made a rude comment to Soon Jeong .  While he was still within listening distance, in a loud voice I told Soon Jeong he was a Ass Hole

We settled in the room …. 


Many rate Iguazu Falls as one of the most spectacular falls in the world..(It almost made the list of the New 7 Wonders of the World) .. and we would have to be included in that group.  The photos and words I can put down here are pale in comparison to the real magnitude, roar, and spray of these falls.



At Iguazu Falls the Iguazu River is the boarder between Argentina and Brazil. (Tip: the Argentina side has better views)  The Iguazu River is quite wide and that is what makes these falls great. The falls are 1.6 miles wide.  At many points the water jets out between trees and rocks of the forest. Each of these count as one falls.  Add them all up and there are 275 falls. Most of them are about 64 meters high.  The Upper Falls make a horse shoe shaped falls. There is a walkway that takes you right up to the edge of these falls. The mist from the falls is constant.  However, with a slight breeze in your directions it soaks you pretty good.



It is possible to see the falls in one long day. There are lots of walkways that take you through the trees along and across the very edge of the falls.  It’s very impressive to look straight down and watch the water cascading to the bottom.



It is a bit of a hike to get to the down where you can take a boat ride into the Devils Throat.  The boats get as close as they can without actually being directly under the falls.  It’s beautiful as you approach the falls. Then just about everything disappears under a the wall of splashing water that is in your face.  The boat stays there for a few second then backs off. The driver will ask if the passengers want more….. loud cheers of YEA! respond instantly.   Back in for a second drenching… oh what fun. 



Iguazu Falls gets a WOW score of 9.0. 

Back in Puerto Iguazu we had dinner in a restaurant. The Vegetarian Pizza was a bad joke.  It was just uncooked white dough, a little catsup covered with rubbery cheese and the Vegetarian part was chopped lettuce they threw on top. All this was warmed in the oven til the lettuce wilted and served.  This Vegetarian Pizza gets a perfect score of 10 for bad food ideas. It was so bad we had to take a picture.     Thank god the beer was good.



One other business that I had to take care of while in Puerto Iguazu: I had to get a visa to Brazil.  Soon Jeong was lucky, she didnt need one.  I did because it is the tit-for-tat kind of thing.  The USA charges Brazilians 200-something dollars to get a visa so Brazil does the same to US citizens.  It took 24 hours and the 200-something dollars to get my visa.

In Puerto Igauzu we bought our tickets for the bus to Sao Paulo.  Having experienced the superb service on the Andismar bus in Argentia, I paid the extra for the deluxe class bus to Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Boy what a negative surprise; the seats did NOT recline fully like the picture advertised. And there was no food or drink served at all…like you were led to believe from the advertising photos.  Brazilian bus service?….  A nasty wake up call after you have expireced the great service in Argentina.

We rolled into Sao Paulo, Brazil bus station at 4:00am.   (There were no other options for arrival times) 




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