Goodbye to 2008

Our 2008

The last day of 2008 Soon Jeong and I got into a Cessna 170 airplane and flew over the mysterious Nasca Lines for 30 minutes.


It was a fitting way to start our last day of 2008. For the entire year that was just about all we did: travel, move around and fly off to the next spot.

We started 2008 in Japan. At the end of January we went to Seattle to start setting things up (bank accounts etc.) for our move back to the US in the summer. We were there only for one week.

All of February and March was spent selling off my belongings and packing up the rest. Living in Asia for 18 years, I had built up quite a bit of stuff.


March 30th we left Japan, completely and totally moved out of the country. Everything I owned was on a slow ship to Seattle. 93 boxes. Way back in 1990, When I moved to Korea, I think I shipped 8 boxes of my belongings from Seattle.

We went to the Philippines. From 3/31 to 4/11 Soon Jeong finished up her PADI Open Water certificate.


From there…. off to Thailand. 4/12-4/25


At the end of April we spent 1 week in Cambodia. The only purpose for us to go there was to see Angor Wat. Soon Jeong had been there before but it was my 1st time. It was a 50th birthday present from Soon Jeong to me.   Angor Wat was fantastic.  MUCH bigger than I expected.



May 2-9 we visited Soon Jeong’s brother, Myoung Jin, in Vietnam. We only visited Hochi Min city where Myoung Jin was. But we both wanted to see more of the country.

From Vietnam we flew back to Japan. We stayed in Tokyo at Megumi’s house because Soon Jeong had her US visa interview on May 12.  All went well with the interview and she got a Spouse Visa to the US.

On May 20th we flew to Korea. This was kind of a last goodbye to friends and family for Soon Jeong before she moved to the Seattle. 

May 31 I, Soon Jeong, and her mother flew to Seattle. For 20 days I played host and tour guide to Soon Jeong and her mother. I thought I was being a great guide by taking them to Montana and Yellowstone National Park. Except, well you know how the Montana weather can be in summer. In the middle of June, it rained and then snowed on us. My wife and mother-in-law were not impressed with Montana or my idea of going to Yellowstone. They just wanted to get back to Seattle and out of the snow.  We did.


June 20th my mother-in-law returned to Korea and Soon Jeong and I got busy settling into my brothers basement.

Except for a 5 day trip to San Antonio, Texas and another trip to Montana and YNP (to redeem myself), we just stayed put in Seattle and prepared ourselves for this trip.


October 1, 2008 we flew off to begin this trip. 

And you can read the pages of what has been happening from there.

That was our 2008… and now we are in 2009 and we will top our travel miles of last year by being on the road for the entire 2009.

We sincerely hope all of you had a great 2008 and wish you the very best in 2009


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