About Us


I was born and raised in the Seattle area, went to Montana State University and got a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology.  While at MSU I went on a summer program to Korea. I spent seven weeks in Kunsan in 1987.  Previously, I had travelled a lot around the US but, Korea was my first international experience. I was so inspired by that trip that, in 1988 I went on the same summer program to Kunsan.  To simply say that those two trips changed me would not at all describe the impact Korea and international travel had on me.  The course of my life was permanently altered.

I began teaching English in Korea in 1990. My intended one year stay in Korea turned into six. I got a MA in teaching English and later moved to Japan in 1996. In total, I spent 18 years living abroad and teaching English at the university level.

Photography began for me on that first trip to Korea. I bought a used Pentax Spotmatic camera and took over 400 slide photos of Korea that summer.  Since then I have slowly developed as a photographer and built up my inventory of cameras and lenses.

Soon Jeong and have taken many trips together. We share that inner programming that directs us to travel. Travel is not merely a desire I describe as  I like to travel or I want to travel.    For me, travel is something I must do. Its who I am. Its what I do best in life.

The seed to travel around the world was planted in me long ago. It has been a yearning that within the last 5 years has grown into a burning obsession.  Finally all the right circumstances and conditions came together to create a window of opportunity to travel the globe. I told Soon Jeong that we will not let the opportunity pass us. We are going.


Soon Jeong:  Moto: Carpe Diem- enjoy your life.  Lets always learn. Be nice to others and give thanks for what we have.  From this trip I hope to learn how to live simple, be thankful for what I have and learn what I can do for other people.



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