How did we do it?

A trip around the world. Such a trip is often considered the “Dream trip of a lifetime”  and it is.  It certainly was our dream trip for many years.  Everyone has different questions about “how was XX country?” or “what was XX like?”. But the overall question that hangs in peoples mind is, “How did you do it?”   Some are more direct and ask, “How did you get the time and money to take a trip around the world?”

I will answer the “How did you do it?” question here;

We made it a priority and made up our minds to do it.

Sorry to disappoint some of you but it is as simple as that.  Just do it.  The rest of the details we worked though them and did what we could with the resources we had.   We didn’t win the lottery, we didn’t inherit a large sum of money from a relative and we didn’t take a sabbatical from our jobs.

We quit our jobs, took what money we had and did it.   I have an experience from my past that was a very strong motivation for this trip.

My father had a dream of traveling all round the United States in a motor home; one of those big 32 foot long motor homes that is like an apartment on wheels.  He planned to do this trip after he retired. For years before his retirement I remember him talking about his dream trip.  Years before retirement he bough his first motor home. He would go on weekend trips and longer week long trips to prepare for long traveling of the big trip.  For years, the motor home and traveling around the US was his passion.

After working for the Boeing Airplane Co. for 32 years, he finally retired.  18 months later he was dead.  He never took that dream trip.

Unfortunately my father’s story is a very common story. You probably know someone in your family who never got to do what they dreamed of doing.   Life is short people.  Much shorter than we think.

I decided I would not wait until “Someday, after I….”   I decided, I will do it now.  I will take the risk, ignore what others say is best for me, and pay whatever it costs to live my dreams the way I want to.   To live your dreams, you simply need to make up your mind to DO IT.

It is simple but it is not easy.

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